Human Genome Meeting (HGM)

Human Genome Meeting (HGM) is a series of annual conferences organised by the Human Genome Organisation (HUGO). It started as a meeting dedicated for Human Genome Mapping. Over the years, with the completion of the Human Genome Project, HGM has evolved from a small targeted meeting into a mega scientific conference for all genetic and genomic researchers; an excellent platform for industry partners and bio-technology companies as well as pharmaceutical giants; and a fantastic reunion for fellow scientists and networking opportunity for established and young investigators. 

HGM centres on a stimulating and interesting programme of plenary lectures, symposia, workshops, poster presentations, public lectures, satellite meetings and social events (gala dinner, visits and laboratory tours). Our scientific programme covers a wide range of topics, spanning from system biology and epigenomics to genomic technologies; from drug discovery to gene therapy, pharmogenomics and genomic medicine; from computation genomics and bioinformatics to genetic and genomic databases; aiming to share most up-to-date research trends, results, information and databases which often sparks off new collaboration opportunities. Apart from generic studies, HGM also provides an arena for presentation and discussion of more focused studies in human genetics and genomics. Working together with the HUGO sub-committees, there will also be meetings specially catered for discussion on ethics, related impact on society and intellectual property.

HUGO as an important broker of ideas and strategies in the field of human genetics and genomics, HUGO as a truly international organisation, we have of late taken enormous efforts to concentrate on playing a major role in the genetics and genomics research and such developments in the emerging countries. As such, HGM provides a great venue for synergy and knowledge transfer.

Like any other international meetings, HGM brings buzz to scientific communities and in recent years, such attention spreads to the hosting cities or countries as it is often perceived HGM as a recognition and promotion of the scientific achievements for the local host. It has been, no doubt, a great channel for HUGO to recruit members in the host countries at our HGMs.

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HGM Logo


Since 2009, we have embarked on a branding journey for HUGO. With HGM being our flagship event, we have created the HGM logo for all our future HGMs.  As we move along to different host cities, we will work with our local host to add more local flavours on the HGM logo to best represent that particular HGM. 

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Colour: Pantone Black

Structure of HGM

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Bidding for HGM

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