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Human Genome Meeting 2016, Houston, USA
28 February 2016 - 2 March 2016

Translational Genomics

This will be the first time the HGM meeting has been held in the US - and we are proud and excited for the opportunity to bring science from across the globe here to Texas.

​HGM 2016 will have a unifying theme of translation as its core, focusing on the current state and future direction of implementing genomics driven approached in diagnosis/treatment/management of cancer and genetic disease, with a specific focus on strategies and technologies for implementation. 

Drawing on the expertise from the Texas Medical Center's constituent institutions and a truly broad-reaching, international line up of experts, the meeting promises to be both a dynamic forum for scientitific exchnage and a unique opportunity to bring together global expertise all focused on the understanding of the impact of that most fundamental variable, that encoded in our genomes, in the contect of health and disease.

Post Event Statistics
Total Delegates: 322
Total Countries: 27
Top Ten Countries: USA(212), UK(12), Korea, Republic of (10), Japan(10), Mexico(9), Canada(9), Singapore(6), Saudi Arabia(6), Switzerland(5), Australia(4)
Number of Oral Presentation: 56

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Human Genome Meeting 2015, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
14 March 2015 - 17 March 2015

Transforming Human Genomics For A Sustainable Tomorrow

This conference will be a platform for sharing research outcomes and the diverse cultural background which is rooted in each and every one of our ‘DNA’. The theme of the HGM 2015 – “Transforming Human Genomics for A Sustainable Tomorrow” relates to the foundations of scientific dynamics in formulating future agenda in human genetics for the betterment of humankind.

The HGM 2015 will provide geneticists, clinicians, bioinformaticians, and other health-care professionals a viable platform to deliberate, exchange views and experiences in sharing and discussing the latest discovery of their research to the world. We believe participants will gain related knowledge drawn from prominent speakers and experts present at this meeting.

Post Event Statistics
Total Delegates: 386
Total Countries: 47
Top Ten Countries: Malaysia(144), Singapore(34), USA(28), UK(20), Australia(17), India(17), Japan(14), Korea, Republic of(13), Taiwan(13), Canada(8)
Number of Oral Presentation: 30
Number of Posters Presented: 164

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Human Genome Meeting 2014, Geneva, Switzerland
27 April 2014 - 30 April 2014

Genome Variation and Human Health

In 2014, the Human Genome Organisation (HUGO) is organizing the Human Genome Meeting 2014 entitled “Genome Variation and Human Health” which will be held in the beautiful and international city of Geneva in Switzerland.

With the recent advances of genome structure and function at the individual basis, the genome analysis is rapidly becoming an important tool in biomedical research and promises to make a substantial impact in global health.

This conference will explore all aspects of genome exploration and its impact in international health. Technology development, bioinformatics tools, genome-transcriptome-other “omics” issues, epigenetic aspects, ethical, legal, social and financial topics, population-specific particularities, individualized medical aspects, actionable genomic variation, animal models, metagenomes, single-cell biology, diagnostic and therapeutic issues, advanced genomic technologies, and many other related topics will be presented and discussed by world leaders in the their fields.

We encourage delegates to use this conference as a meeting place to assemble their academic interest-groups for global deliberations. This HGM 2014 on the “Genome Variation and Human Health”' will be an intellectually broad and exciting event at which ideas and researchers from around the world interact.

Post Event Statistics
Total Delegates: 468
Total Countries: 56
Top Ten Countries: Switzerland(73), USA(59), UK(28), Germany(21), China(19), Canada(18), India(14), Spain(13), Republic of Korea(12), Singapore(12)
Number of Speakers: 55
Number of Oral Presentation: 27
Number of Posters Presented: 179

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Human Genome Meeting 2013, Singapore
13 April 2013 - 18 April 2013

The Convergence of Two Major Meetings.

Joint Conference of HGM 2013 and 21st International Congress of Genetics

In 2013, HGM and International Congress of Genetics will join forces to stage one of the world's largest knowledge-sharing platforms for the genetics and genomics community. A broader spectrum of topical issues will be discussed in greater depth. Such mighty collaboration in an equally dynamic destination is a first. The joint conference will take place in Singapore, a destination reputed as one of Asia's best cities to hold a business meeting. Larger than her moniker as the "little red dot", Singapore is a bustling cosmopolitan city that offers an enriching experience that is more than just business. Join our mailing list and receive regular updates.


Human Genome Meeting (HGM) is the key annual conference organised by the Human Genome Organisation (HUGO). Initially structured as a dedicated meeting for Human Genome Mapping, the HGM has evolved into a major scientific conference for human genetics & genomics, genomic medicine, and genomic biology. The HGM is also an excellent platform for industry partners and bio-technology companies as well as pharmaceutical giants. The HGM is optimally sized to provide scientific depth and breadth, and also close interaction amongst the delegates. Because HUGO is not locked in any specific continent or focused on any single country, our HGM conferences take place in a wide range of host countries across Asia, Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East. Therefore, the HGM is the truly global genomics conference.

International Congress of Genetics

The International Congress of Genetics (ICG) is an open conference for geneticists held once every five years since the founding of the science of genetics more than a century ago. The aim of the Congress is to create a venue where researchers from around the world can reflect on progress made in the scientific study of the mechanisms and consequences of biological inheritance, consider the best of contemporary research and anticipate future developments in their discipline. The International Genetics Federation (IGF) sponsors and helps organise each Congress. The congress to be held in 2013 will be the 21st International Congress of Genetics.

Post Event Statistics
Total Delegates: 1059
Total Countries: 57
Top Countries: Singapore (315), USA (150), China (68), UK (57), Australia (50), Japan (42), Malaysia (37), India (34), Canada (27), Korea (25)
Number of Speakers: 176 
Number of Oral Presentations: 72
Number of Posters’ Presented: 310


Human Genome Meeting 2012, Sydney, Australia
11 March 2012 - 14 March 2012

Genetics and Genomics in Personalised Medicine

Though the practice of medicine has always sought to "personalise" the care and treatment of patients, the genetics-to-genomics revolution has taken this to the next level with comprehensive, precise, and quantitative genomic technologies. Next generation DNA sequencing, SNP arrays, novel amplification technologies, and microfluidic devices with the accompanying computational advances now speed discovery and the resolution of diagnosis by orders of magnitude. The promise of precise diagnosis, of accurate patient stratification for risk assessment and treatment, and sensitive monitoring is likely to be fulfilled in the next decade. Underpinning all this are the advances in computational biology and eHealth that are necessary to deal with the impending information overload. HGM 2012 will explore the fundamental, translational, and clinical sciences driving the progress of this personalised medicine movement. With the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia, we will also host a special session on Genomic Pathology to highlight the importance of this discipline to personalised genomic-based medicine... 

Post-Event Statistics
Total Delegates: 824
Total COuntries: 56
Top Countries: Australia (321), USA (68), India (35), UK (28), Singapore (27), Taiwan (26), Malaysia (25), Korea (22), China (21), Japan (18), New Zealand (18)
Number of Speakers: 121
Number of Oral Presentation: 20
Number of Posters Presented: 420

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Human Genome Meeting 2011, Dubai, UAE
14 March 2011 - 17 March 2011

Genomics of Human Diversity and Heritable Disorders

Genomic technologies provide unheralded precision in identifying the causative genetic mutations in human disease, and uncover new mechanisms of mutagenesis. Genetic disorders represent a significant contribution to the burden of disease in many countries including those in the Middle East. Deciphering the molecular etiology of these genetic disorders is a key priority and will drive healthcare delivery into new dimensions. This HGM 2011 will focus on the genomics and genetics of heritable disorders. We seek to enhance the interaction of international scientists with regional investigators and clinicians and to generate new ideas in human genetics.


HUGO Human Genome Meeting 2010, Montpellier, France
18 May 2010 - 21 May 2010

Next Generation Genomics and Medicine

HGM 2010 will be held at Le Corum in the beautiful city of Montpellier, Southern France.


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